our standards

Trained professionals:
How can we guarantee that your machine will run the best they can? Because we use the same tools that those "Big Box" companies use without the added overhead costs of being a large company. The difference between us and them? TRAINING! Any worker can run software that "cleans" your machine but its takes a professional to do it right.


Your data is important to us, we treat it like our own. You can rest assure that while your computer is on our premises that it can not be accessed by anyone other than our technicians. Privacy is key in this digital age and we have taken extra steps to ensure that all data is 100% secure.


All computers that are being serviced at Spaulding Computers are on a private network that is not directly connected to the internet. When updates or programs are needed on your machine they are filtered through our custom tuned firewall that only allows what we want through. Rest assured, your data is safe.